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Pacific Cruisers GMC Motorhome ClubThe GMC Pacific Cruisers Club is a Chapter of Family Motor Coach Association, Inc. (FMCA). It is a group of GMC Motorhome Owners from Southern California. The Chapter's purpose is to further the mutual association; membership; enjoyment and common interest of GMC Motorhome owners, their families and friends and to enjoy a mutual affiliation and common membership with members of the FMCA.

The Chapter meets at Rallies several times each year. Although a large amount of Rally time is spent in social friendship, members are eager to share and learn more about their "out of production" "Classic" GMC Coaches; how things work; where to get parts; who can fix it; etc. Maintenance and service tips and remodeling ideas are usually shared throughout each rally on an individual basis. Group discussions on coach systems and maintenance procedures are often held during rallies.

The Chapter was first affiliated with FMCA on May 1, 1976. In 1978, the Chapter was associated with a national GMC Motorhome Association, then re-charted as an FMCA Chapter in April, 1982.

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The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) has issued over 400,000 memberships to families and individuals who find the Association to be a valuable source of information about all facets of motor coach ownership and travel. FMCA's National Office in Cincinnati, Ohio conducts the business affairs of the association; establishes liaison with the motor coach industry; helps members organize geographic and special interest chapters (almost 300 throughout the United States and Canada); assists in correcting adverse legislation and provides many other worthwhile member services. Included in the $50.00 Application Fee is $10.00 Initiation; $35.00 for One Years Dues and $5.00 for a One-Year Subscription To "Family Motor Coaching Magazine." FMCA MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED FOR MEMBERSHIP IN OUR CHAPTER.

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