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Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA). - The parent organization for GMC Western States The FMCA site has information about the largest RV organization in the world. There are also links to other RV clubs as well as industry suppliers.

GMC Westren States Club - covering 11 western states and 3 western provinces of Canada.

GMC Motorhomes International. - A large GMC related chapter of the FMCA. GMC International hosts two rallies per year and has a quarterly newsletter.

GMC Classics Motorhome Club  - GMC club representing Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisianna.

GMC Sunshine Statesmen Club - based in Florida.

GMC Cascaders  - covering the Great Northwest.

GMC Saguaro Jetset - based in Arizona.

GMC Eastern States



Applied GMC - Jim Kanomata, 47626 Kato Rd., Fremont, CA 94538. 3.70 Final Drive, Headers, All GMC Service Work. Phone - 800-752-7502

Golby Motorcoach. - A complete parts and service facility in Orlando Florida.

MGM GMC - Miguel Mendez, 1806 W. 9th Street, Upland, CA. Exclusively GMC service. Phone - 909-982-7747

Alex Sirum GMC Motorhomes - Parts and Service in Florida for GMC Motorhomes since 1982 and the website includes an extensive on-line GMC parts catalog.



Applied GMC - Jim Kanomata, 47626 Kato Rd., Fremont, CA 94538. 3.70 Final Drive, Headers, All GMC Service Work. Phone - 800-752-7502

Cinnabar Engineering Inc.  - manufactures and distributes original GMC Motorhome parts and publications.

GMC Coop Service and Tech - assistance for GMC Motorhomes and the website includes free tips and assistance

The Gateway Motorhome Company. - Gateway is a major supplier of GMC parts. Their web site contains ordering information and a list of sale parts and accessories.

TZEplus - Supplying new and innovative products for GMC motorhomes.

RAGUSA PATTERN SHOP, INC.-  Santa Ana, CA - (714) 261-5898 - Many cast aluminum accessories and enhancements. ragusashop@earthlink.net          

Adohen Supply - Fantastic Vents, Thomas Pumps

Michael Padula Custom Interiors - Davenport,FL
9109 Damascus Ave.
Polk City, Fl. 33868
EMail -
Phone (863)-984-5937

Dick Patterson - (Springfield Ignition) profesionally builds 455 and 403 engines for GMC Motorhomes. All are "Run In". Also, Heavy Duty regular and Switch Pitch Transmissions and torque converters are available. Pick them up and have them installed here in Ontario or we will ship them to you. dick@paterson-gmc.com or Coldwater, Ontario 705-325-4554



Eugene Fisher's GMC Information Site - THE Most Extensive Collection of GMC Motorhome Information and Links on the Web.

Bdub's Place - Home of bdub's GMC FAQ, GMC Motorhome Marketplace Index, a great collection of old GMC Brochures and Manuals, and a bunch of GMC Odds 'n Ends that you just can't live without.

GMC Motorhome.com. - A GMC Motorhome web site full of history, specifications, want ads and trivia. Patrick Flowers has done a really nice job capturing a bucket full of GMC Motorhome information including links to other GMC Motorhome related sites. Home of the GMCnet e-mail listserve.

GMC Motorhomes. - An assortment of goodies by John and Evelyn Culver including a full reproduction of the 1973 GMC Motorhome sales brochure. Recently expanded to include want ads and other GMC Motorhome information.

Try the new Interactive GMC Motorhome PORTAL



Alcoa Wheels. - Not much information here, but it does provide contact information for Alcoa in case you might need it.

Bilstein Corporation. - The most popular shock absorber for the GMC. The web site allows you look up applications for Bilstein Shocks (including the GMC) and get part numbers and technical information.

FMCAssist - Family Motor Coach Association members now receive coverage under the group’s FMCAassist emergency medical evacuation/repatriation and travel assistance program as part of their regular annual dues.

Idiot's Internet Guide to Finding GMC MotorHome Information - A 21 page PDF guide devoted to organizing links to GMC MotorHome Web sites. A useful resource with lots of information especially for the new GMCer.

Michelin Tire Corporation. - The Michelin site has information about the various models of tires and their capacities. You can also locate a local Michelin Dealer.

TurboCity. - Turbo City is a Complete fuel injection and turbo charging facility. The site provides a basic "Turbo 101" lesson and lists their systems including a system for the 455 and 403 GMC engines.

Performance Friction  - Carbon brake pads and shoes with listings for the GMC and many other applications.

Fine Living - Found in America A TV show about a couple travling around America in thier GMC

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